Number Munchers

Number Munchers was an educational game created by MECC to teach basic math skills in the 1980s to 1990s.
About Number Munchers (wikipedia)

This site is dedicated to the classic game that helped me learn my multiplication tables.

A simple 5k version of the game as a DHTML page was created for a 5k contest and then not entered. Some friends actually enjoyed playing it again so I decided to not let it go to waste and here it is... from over a decade ago.

Sorry for the downtime in 2017, somebody attacked the site with unsubstantiated claims and I had to deal with a less than helpful hosting provider. I was busy and forgot... Would have been nice if some of the people who used this kept my contact info and bothered me... I suppose a better version of the game should be created given that I used to have a fair amount of people using it but the lack of reaction to this situation makes me wonder if it is worth my time (or that of my CS students... many have started but none have completed something I can publish here. I realize github exists but I was hoping this could give a student something they made for a portfolio.)

Web Munchers version 1.2 (added more modular problem sets) download zip

If there is enough interest, some volunteer hours can be put towards enhancements-- especially if any schools are interested. contact